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get air purification & water filtration systems in Omaha, NE


  • Water sanition and softening Systems (Whole home, Business, Drinking & Well)
  • Unit delivery & Installation
  • Part installation & replacement
  • Quality operation test & set-up
  • Salt installation (Salt Free units available)

"What you can't see won't hurt you" ?

With today's advancements in science & technology, we are more aware of airborne viruses, impurities and the negative effect of these contaminants on our health.

Keep your home smelling fresh without just covering up unpleasant smells.

All Surface Solutions

There is now a better, long term solution for cleaning the floors in your home.

For the cost of one visit from a carpet cleaning company, you can own a system that will provide the same deep clean year after year.

What could be better than:

  • Cleaning spills as they happen & preventing set in stains!
  • Feeling secure, in knowing the job is done right. (Who knows every inch of your home better than you?)

Serving the Omaha, NE for over 30 years

Welcome to our website, we hope you find it useful and informative.  We are proud of our roots as one of the oldest and largest Tri-star distributors in the entire United States.  A lot has stayed the same since we were founded in 1990 in Omaha, NE.  However a lot has changed as well.  We still market, sell, and service Tri-Star products.  Customer needs have expanded, and our ability to add product lines to meet those needs have changed as well.  One of those changes were to add an entire line of cutting edge air purification products from Beyond by Aerus, ranging anywhere from one bedroom to whole home HVAC systems.

What we are extremely excited about is our rapidly growing water division. If you have problems with hard water, iron, sulfur, chlorine, bad taste, and even acidity, we have solutions.  Our state of the art systems from Aerus Origins are energy-efficient and backed by industry-leading warranties.

Whether you are here for water treatment, floor cleaning, air purification, or just some more information, please take some time to look around our website.  If you are a returning customer, welcome back, we will do whatever we can to help and service you.  If you are not yet, thank you for your interest, and we hope that you will allow us the privilege of serving you.